Monday, September 7, 2015

Visiting Lautoka, Fiji

Our sunset view wasn't so bad after all!

While some folks spending time cruising Fiji may not think much of Lautoka - we found it to be our favorite "big city" on Viti Levu. It may be true that the anchorage is not as picturesque as many of the other beautiful places in this country - especially since you usually end up anchored right next to the busy port - but the city itself has a LOT to offer. 

Super fresh yummy eggs from the market.
We visited Lautoka many times while we were in Fiji and here's a few of the reasons we loved the place...
  • A multitude of well supplied grocery stores to choose from
  • Some of the best banana bread we've ever tasted
  • Awesome $5 haircuts that didn't make us want to wear a hat
  • Super nice locals (though that's pretty true everywhere in Fiji)
  • The 2nd largest (and on Saturdays the absolute BEST) fresh market in all of Fiji 
The fish market had lots of options...
Puffer fish anyone?

Look at those gorgeous stacks of tomatoes for $1 US!
  • Always a cab ready (for cheap!) right when you need it most
  • A really cool sports stadium where we watched Fiji beat the pants off of the Cook Islanders in rugby 
  • Amazing views of the burning sugar cane on the hillsides at night (though I could do without the coating of ash all over the boat)
The glow of sugar cane fires - the whole
hillside seemed on fire at times!
  • Everything seemed about 5-10% cheaper than in Nadi
  • And the only place we were able to learn all about the local sugar cane industry! 

One of the 100's of daily sugar cane
trucks lined up to be processed.
And in truth, you could anchor closer to Bekana Island if you wanted a nicer view, but we liked being just a short dinghy ride from the town. 

Overall, we liked Lautoka because it pretty much provided one stop shopping with a significantly better "vibe" then the nearby Nadi. If you are cruising Fiji and need some time in the city to resupply, we highly recommend giving Lautoka a chance. We can guarantee that the more time you spend poking around there, the more you'll like it!


  1. Dear Brett and Stacey,
    My name is Mike McDowall. On May 1st, I will be launching Boat Radio International, the first radio station aimed at boat owners, sailing enthusiasts and armchair adventurers worldwide. It will be filled with compelling tales of exploration and derring do, and inspiring stories from often ordinary people who’ve done extraordinary things. We will also feature an indelible streak of environmental conservation and a good helping of practical advice for boat owners.
    We are gathering material in advance of our launch and I wondered if you’d be happy to give us an interview about what it’s like to live aboard a boat on the high seas and about what prompted you to give up the 9-to-5. It would also be terrific if you could tell us about your vessel and why you chose it, and also about the amazing places you’ve visited, particularly those you’d recommend to fellow adventurers.
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    1. Dear Mike,
      Sorry we have not responded to your message since our lives have been rather busy as of late. We have now made it to Asia and will start being more involved with the blog once again.
      If you still wish to interview us we would be available some time this coming April. We are currently visiting in the states and are on a hectic time schedule.
      We are hoping your radio station is doing well and look forward to tuning in.

      Kind regards,
      Brett & Stacey