Saturday, June 16, 2012

When Do You Sell the House

So lists of projects are good and all, but what was the next big step towards reaching our goal to go cruising?  We needed to sell the house and move on board the boat!  Sounds so simple right?  Surprisingly it would end up being one of the most emotional periods of this entire journey.

The original plan had been to finish all of the big projects on the boat, then sell the house in the fall of 2010 and move aboard about a year prior to departing in 2011.  Unfortunately the economy didn’t cooperate!  In late 2008 we began to fear that the bottom would soon fall out of the housing market.  We felt the longer we waited, the less value we would get out of our house.  More time living on the boat could be a good thing, right????  So in early 2009 we began to prep the house for sale and we put it on the market in late March.  Thankfully, even though the market was already starting to turn, we got lucky and received a good offer in early May.  The clock was now ticking in earnest!

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