Friday, August 10, 2012

Laundry....Leads to Popcorn?

Ahhhhhhh laundry – it’s one of the most asked questions we get from our friends and family, “How will you clean your clothes?”  Excellent question – and I have no idea!  From what I hear it mostly involves a 5 gallon bucket with a lid and a plunger.  Let your imagination fill in the rest!  Laundry and what clothing to take cruising is this month’s Raft Up topic, so that’s what this post is about.  And since we haven’t left yet, I am definitely looking forward to reading all the other posts as I have a LOT to learn!

Since I know virtually nothing on the laundry part, I will focus on the clothing piece – how we’ve managed work and home life wardrobes in a small space over the last three years of living aboard, and what we will likely take with us….

First off let me say that I’ve always loved my shoes.  When Brett and I first met, he used to think I was crazy when we traveled and I wanted to pack 8 pairs of shoes for a one week trip (how many women are nodding their heads and thinking – that seems reasonable!).   At home I probably had at least 30 pairs of shoes to choose from.  When we moved onto the boat, I quickly realized I was going to have to GREATLY pare down my selection.  So sad!  But you quickly figure out which ones matter when you trip over them constantly.  Amazing how quickly they become less important!  I think at this point I have about 8 pairs on the boat (still way too many according to Brett!).  I know that will need to come down further yet.  It will be tough, but from what I understand, I won’t even need shoes for a good portion of the next few years.  One person I talked to said they didn’t wear socks for almost 2 years.  What a concept!

While we’ve been on board we’ve been lucky enough to have a small storage until located nearby.  Within the unit we have rigged up a couple of long metal pipes to hang up the majority of our clothes.  Plus we have a variety of storage totes to hold the items that don’t hang.  Over the past 3 years, as the seasons change, we swap clothing from the boat to the storage unit – depending on the nature of the weather.  This system has worked very well as you don’t need to have everything on board year round taking up valuable space.  I rotate my shoes this way too!

Now that we are less than a month from our departure date, it’s time to make the big decisions about what stays and what goes!  Just how many pairs of shorts, shoes, shirts and suits are appropriate?  While it’s true that the majority of our time will be in warm and sunny weather, there will still be cooler passages and have I mentioned how much I DESPISE being cold?  But do I really want to bring winter clothing when I might only need it a couple of times in 5 years?

What I think we’ll do is focus on lots of shirts, shorts, bathing suits (which I hear you go through like crazy) and pareus/sarongs (for me).  We’ve just bought an awesome new set of high quality foul weather gear from Gill which should protect us very well on cooler passages.  With some careful layering of lightweight wicking long underwear and a layer of fleece, I’m hoping we’ll be set for those cooler passages.  Add a couple pair of jeans, a turtleneck and some long sleeved shirts and I think we should be covered.  And if that’s not the right selection – there IS other places to buy clothing outside of the United States!

There was one more thing we were supposed to talk about, “what impractical item(s) are you planning to bring that you just couldn’t leave behind?”   Now I know this was supposed to be about clothing, but I have to take this opportunity to bring up the WAR OF THE POPCORN POPPER!!!

All of my life, I have been raised on popcorn.  Popcorn at the drive-in movie with Dad, popcorn while reading a book with Mom, popcorn on a weeknight instead of dinner – a HUGE bowl of it!  Popcorn has been a major food group in my life for as long as I can remember!  Knowing my love of the stuff, my BFF Susan long ago bought me an old fashioned popcorn popper with a hand crank.  This thing makes the best popcorn an aficionado could ever hope for.  It is now perfectly “seasoned” and gets used fairly often – but it takes up a large amount of precious space.  You see where I’m going with this, right???  My husband is actually waging a campaign AGAINST THE POPPER!  <gasp!>  Does he not understand that popcorn helps keep his wife sane?  Okay – maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but still!  Stay tuned to see who wins this battle before our departure….

I’m sure I will.  ;)


  1. So, like, unless it's the size of a movie theater popcorn machine, I strongly advise holding onto it and weaning yourself off slowly. I'm continually amazed by how close I am to a complete nervous collapse at any moment. Anything that helps you keep your sanity is as important as a PFD. Jus' sayin'.

  2. DEFINITELY keep the popcorn popper - if not for yourselves, then for the other cruisers you will meet. You'll be the hit of the anchorage!

  3. Oops, one other thing; there was a bad link for Tammy's blog on the spreadsheet. Her excellent article for this month's hop is at

  4. Hello Stacey.
    Regarding your popcorn post: At a thrift store I found a clear glass lid (with a vent hole) that I bought for one of my copper bottom [Revere] sauce pans. It is absolutely amazing -- the best for popcorn as I can see how it is doing. A bit of oil, very little popcorn and one pan of heaven a few minutes later. I theorized that the popcorn would require a vent to pop properly as all professional units seem to let steam escape -- that's why I chose this type. So far the most unpopped shells I've had were 4, and generally everything pops. What could be better?

    Well, how about some sea salt freshly ground on top? Ah... that's the ticket.

    And as far as your popper... well, remind your hubby what Jeff Allen (a comedian) says "happy wife, happy life" and good luck.