Friday, August 31, 2012

Leaving Work

I have been earning a paycheck since I was about 14 and Brett has been working even longer than that.  While we all joke about “working for the man”, there is a lot of self-satisfaction and pride that comes from a job well done, along with the added bonus of the many friends we makes along the way.  Jobs define a lot of who we are to our friends, family and to ourselves, so making the decision to leave our jobs and take this trip was not something we took lightly.  

Brett with our new mascot - Wilson -
signed from all of his co-workers.
After so many years of working (and a lifetime of conditioning that work is just what you are supposed to do!) it’s pretty tough to give up that steady paycheck and the careers we have worked hard to establish over the years (not to mention losing our healthcare).  There is no guarantee for either of us that we’ll be able to come back in 5-7 years and pick up where we left off – and that can be a tough concept for two highly motivated and responsible people to accept.  For Brett, it meant walking away from a career while in the peak of his money making potential – hard indeed.

But there comes a time when you just have to look to the future and acknowledge what you really want in life – and for us it was to go cruising and travel extensively.  And a big part of that reality is taking this leap of faith that we’ll have enough money in the bank, that it’s okay to leave.  That there will be a job (even if it’s not the same sort of job) when we get back.  That it’s okay to leave good jobs to realize our dream. 

And so, we took that final step on August 17th.  There were lunches, parties, beers and wine and lots of cake!  There were more kind words from our coworkers than we ever could have imagined.  The amount of compliments and unexpected thank you’s was overwhelming and wonderfully gratifying.  It’s a pretty amazing thing to know so many people care and appreciate the work we did while we were at our respective jobs.  I know we both highly value the friends we’ve made along the way and greatly appreciate working with so many amazing people over the years.
Last day beers with some great people!

So now, we continue to move forward towards our goal of departing right after Labor Day.  No more paychecks – just the two of us, our savings, and our passion for travel and each other.  While I am completely intimidated and scared, I am also enthralled with this new door opening in front of us.  

Time to step through.

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